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Welcome to this woman's 280m2 wardrobe!

This wardrobe contains bags , shoes and clothes from brands like Fendi, Dioror Hermès. Theresa Römer opens the doors to her unique walk-in closet on 280 square meters!

Theresa Römer’s wardrobe is bigger than most family houses!

When I tell that I have over 50 pairs of shoes, some are already amazed at my circle of friends … They would have to see the shoe cabinet of Theresa Römer. The former Miss Texas and self-made millionaire owns the largest walk-in wardrobe in the world. On 280 square meters and three floors are distributed handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories worth about $ 500,000!

When my friends see this part of my shoe cabinet here, they always rest completely,” says Theresa Römer, pointing to an eternally high shoe rack, packed with Louboutins ! Many women save years to afford a pair of the famous shoes with the red sole. The Texan, however, has at least 100 pairs of € 600 each!

Luxury wardrobe for a good cause

Of course you will also find luxurious additional features such as a champagne bar in the closet to impress the friends who come to visit even more. “Yes, the cupboard is full of great things,” says Römer to Houston’s Khou. But I actually built it to hold charity events and raise funds.

For years, Römer has been donating money to the American Heart Foundation and the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Romans himself did not always find it easy in life, because as a child she was diagnosed with a rheumatic fever that was supposed to cause her life-long physical disabilities. However, she has always been a fighter who did not give up and always trained and worked hard. Today she is managing director of Theresa Roemer, LLC, a company that has developed several lifestyle brands. In addition, she opened in the 90s, a gym chain.

Anyone who is friends with Theresa Römer also has some advantages: “My daughter always says that she prefers to shop with me in the wardrobe,” says Römer. “And of course, close friends can borrow my Birkin Bags!

An even bigger wardrobe should come from here

Now the whole house including wardrobe is sold. Price: 12.9 million dollars. Here is the contents of the wardrobe not calculated. The bags, clothes and shoes are of course taken and placed in a new wardrobe. According to Romans, this should be even bigger than the old one! In fact, twice as big – so 600 square meters!

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