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Why should you be a part of Theresa’s community?

Joining The Vault can help take your life to the next level. Our classes, coaching, and mentorship offer you personalized strategies and tactics to advance yourself, while participating in exclusive events gives you the unique opportunity to connect with other like-minded members and further your development. Gain access to question and answer sessions, allowing you to collaborate on solutions and find insights with experienced professionals. With The Vault as your community, amazing opportunities are waiting for you. Join us today and unlock a world of possibilities!




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I am so excited to introduce to you my new community “The Vault”

Where you get access to literally all of the information in my mind,
Exclusive Events • Vendors • Networking Opportunities of a lifetime & More


Being part of the vault has changed tremendously my life. I am partially blind and an introvert and have difficulties expressing my thoughts. But the past 3 months I have grown so much to become a tough little soldier that does not feel like a victim anymore but a survivor. Thirsty Thursday has helped my confidence to express myself and not feeling being judge. The members are so kind making me laugh a lot. I am so grateful to be alive in 2024 and witness a major change in my confidence. A miracle instead to see how all exercises given each week are actually transforming my soul and my future isn't so blurry anymore, but I am convinced that God has brought Theresa into my life. Now I see my purpose in this world. I want to thank all Vault members for encouraging me and thank you Theresa for saving my life. 🙏😇

Hezy Ledge
United Kingdom

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible inspiration and motivation your talks have provided. Your words have been a driving force in my personal and professional journey. Your motivational influence propelled me to strive for academic excellence. Your positive impact extends beyond words, shaping not only my career but also my commitment to continuous growth.

Jason Gideon
Operations Director Fortune 500 Company

My heart goes to those who are lost and looking for a community that has same mind set with life difficulties with emotional pass or present trauma. Theresa has managed not only to awaken what others can't in me and many others with solutions and exercises that works and finally gave me the answers that I was looking for. Will the Vault help me for a life time? Yes it is I have talked to so many people in the UK about The VAULT community as it has changed my life forever giving me hope and desire to survive, be financially successful follow my dreams and create a reality that I never thought that existed. Basically being a member in The VAULT has saved my life. Theresa I send you many blessings for existing for us all. You are an angel from Heaven that came to save our World

Barbie Pink
United Kingdom

Life-changing experience! Best self-improvement community out there. Since day one Theresa and fellow Vault members have been my biggest supporters and have thrown many great opportunities my way. Our “Thirsty Thursday” calls are a great resource when looking to expand your knowledge with like-minded individuals. The possibilities are endless..

Lisa Eickhoff
VP of Ops Marsh McLennan Agency

A sense of belonging to something more than I ever thought I would be a part of and pushing the limits that once defined me.

Luis Campos
Retail - Seasonal Team Leader

The accountability & support from our weekly Thirsty Thursday coaching calls with Theresa, have helped me overcome obstacles & break through barriers. Plus, the perks of being part of this exclusive community is reason enough to join The Vault!

Shanna Burks
Health Life Coach, Fitness Professional

You are such a strong and determined person.  I wish I had 10% of that ahahaha. You are a huge inspiration. I just adore you


You’re a total inspiration for me to get my butt to the gym and get in shape ❤

Heather Chrisco

I look up to you for your motivational inspiration videos and I hope to grow to become a greater version of myself as I get older!

David Garcia

LOVE LOVE  LOVE YOU THERESA❤️ you are such an amazing and inspirational person. Thank you for continue sharing and sending your love into the world. ❤️❤️❤️

Marrielles Sasparelli

You’re a total inspiration for me to get my butt to the gym and get in shape ❤

Heather Chrisco

The vault has offered a space for me and my daughter to connect without social media trends and spiritual needs, my daughter is fixing to graduate in May with her masters in business management so I thought ???? why not her and I get together every other day for an hour and combine our knowledge with the hopes that one day we can work for ourselves ❤❤ who knows at least we will be connecting together with love, inspiration and creativity I’m so in love with this new journey for us.

Trina Harrison

Oh Gosh!!! I’m your fan number one ❤ love you !!! So much. You’re such an inspiration for me

Mely Carrete

You are such an inspiration Theresa love you ❤️

Ruth Huerta

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