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Theresa uses her resources to help many in need.

Theresa Roemer grew up on a farm in Nebraska. While her childhood friends were busy being kids, Theresa did odd jobs to make money. She was always looking for the next entrepreneurial challenge whether it be delivering newspapers or mowing lawns. This strong work ethic has servedTheresa well; she is a multi-millionaire with several businesses.

Theresa’s passion for health and helping people started as a young age. As a child Theresa was diagnosed with rheumatic fever many times over, which caused her to have a heart murmur; she was sickly and her doctors diagnosed her with a lifetime of physical constraints. Determined to prove the doctors wrong, Theresa began her lifelong journey to stay active, healthy, and physically fit.

Theresa opened her chain of fitness centers, Body by Design in Wyoming in 1991 and ran five facilities through 2000, while also providing personal training services through her company Phenomenal Physiques during this time. She took the U.S. Open title in body-building at the age of 40, and in the year 2010 Theresa held the titles of Mrs. Houston U.A., Mrs. Texas U.A., and was the 1st runner up for Mrs. United America concurrently. In 2011Theresa climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for Child Legacy International.

In addition to being the CEO of Theresa Roemer, LLC, owning several home goods companies, and being a fitness expert, Theresa is also a highly sought after corporate philanthropist. As an expert in business philanthropy, Theresa works regularly with major motion pictures; television studios, corporations and high profile brands to expand their philanthropic reach to raise millions of dollars through business charity events. Theresa consults with organizations such as LVMH to understand their business goals with fundraising, and then turns those objectives into a reality with her ability to produce high-impact business fundraising events.

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