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Theresa uses her resources to help many in need.

Theresa Roemer is an Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, Author, Former Bodybuilder, Radio/Podcast host, Youtuber and Philanthropist. As the CEO of Theresa Roemer LLC, she is talented at mentoring others, especially entrepreneurs. She is currently working on the following projects, keeping her busy and enthralled:

  • Writing her fourth book
  • Expanding and growing her exclusive community called ‘The Vault’
  • Perfecting her TR Beauty skin care line

Also in her daily professional life she has been successful in real estate for 20 years.

Roemer attributes her success as a businesswoman to her self-motivation and ability to inspire others. With a keen eye for detail, she can easily balance her projects’ big-picture and intricate aspects. Her continual dedication has fostered meaningful professional relationships and strong networks. A successful woman chooses to take control of her life and career by setting goals for herself. She understands the importance of planning ahead and staying organized to reach those goals. She isn’t afraid to take risks and uses failure as a learning experience. Theresa’s profound passion for uplifting others sets her apart. She believes in the power of positive encouragement and its transformative impact on people’s lives. This belief is a driving force behind her success.

She believes leadership is a powerful combination of motivation and influence. A leader should be able to inspire people through their actions and words while also being able to effectively direct them toward a goal or vision.

Theresa has honed her unique abilities and thoroughly enjoys helping her followers achieve their goals through her proven coaching techniques.

Theresa has shared her life with her husband Lamar for 20 years and has 6 children and 11 grandchildren.

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