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Meet The Texas Woman With A 3,000-Sq. Ft. Three-Story Closet Called The ‘She-Cave’

Theresa Roemer’s closet makes most retail stores look like the collection bin behind the local Goodwill. The three-story “female man cave” or “she-cave” is even bigger than most people’s homes at an absurd 3,000-square feet, and as she revealed to Houston’s KHOU, it not only makes a nice place for her purse collection that has an estimated value of “millions,” but it’s also a fun spot to hang out. There are multiple sitting areas, and the champagne is already on ice in case any of her girlfriends want to come by.

But before we go wagging our fingers at Roemer and scheduling a Halloween stop at her Woodlands, Texas home – because you know she’s giving out the best candy – she pointed out that this closet isn’t just a ridiculously extravagant and obnoxious display of her wealth. She actually uses it to host fundraisers for various charities, as she recently auctioned off a party in her closet for the American Heart Association, while another event that took place in her closet raised tens of thousands of dollars for another organization.

Meanwhile, I cleaned my closet last month and found a sock that I’d been missing, so I know exactly how Roemer feels.

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