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Meet The Woman Who Has A Closet Bigger Than Your House

With the average home size in America coming in at around 2,600 square feet, it’s no wonder why Houston philanthropist Theresa Roemer’s 3,000 square foot closet has made headlines.

Theresa Roemer, 52 years young mother of six, grandmother of seven, beauty queen, grief and loss counselor, body builder and self-made millionaire, is “accomplished” to say the least.

After spending $500,000 recently on renovations to her Houston, Texas home the end result is a 3-story closet with makeup salon and a champagne bar that she uses to host her many fund raising events. Her $2 million wardrobe which includes: 75 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes and 60 Birkin bags, call this retreat home.

We absolutely LOVE Mrs. Roemer’s heavenly she-cave. How about you, do you love it or do you think it’s just too much. Either way there’s one thing for sure… it is one of those things that you can’t help but to look at!

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