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A closet, even a supersized one, may seem like an unlikely location for a meeting. For Houston philanthropist Theresa Roemer, however, hosting charity events in a specially built 3,000-square-foot closet is all part of a plan to aid area charities.

On Saturday, Nov. 8, Roemer will host the first charity event her Houston closet since a headline-making burglary last summer that robbed her and her husband, Lamar Roemer, of more than $1 million in personal goods. The invitation-only event will benefit MoRE Camp Adventure, an oncology camp run by Kids Need More.

MoRE Camp Adventure is one of the only camps to serve child cancer patients and their siblings. The programs and activities are designed to reunite siblings and allow parents time for respite.

“When I heard about the unique events at MoRE Camp Adventure and how it gives these strong and spirited children a week to just be kids, time off from thinking about cancer, I wanted to help,” says Roemer. “This camp is completely run by volunteers and fully funded by donations — that’s no small order. It is my hope that the November fundraiser will be a success and assist many more children in making memories next year at MoRE Camp Adventure.”

Roemer’s three-story closet is patterned after a Neiman Marcus showroom, and was built specifically to hold fundraising events. The unique venue includes a champagne bar, seating area and vanity station, and is stocked with fashions from Hermès, Fendi, Dior and Christian Louboutin. Soon, it also will include Roemer’s new apparel line, Theresa Roemer True and Real.

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