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Jump Start His Heart: Six Ways to Revive Your Marriage This Valentine’s Day

I recently stood in the middle of Times Square naked for a photo shoot to promote my new book NAKED in 30 Days. When my husband saw the proofs, his response was one that I did not expect……pride. He loved the artistic style of the photos and the results of all my hard work in the gym over the past few months. He was in awe of my confidence. As a result, our marriage has never been better. Women forget that confidence is sexy, it’s the biggest turn on for a man.

Naked in 30 Days, available in early spring, will not only help you to reach your fitness goals, but will also help you to shed emotional layers and get you on your way to a confident new you. This Valentine’s Day I challenge you to embrace your body. Yes, you may still have a little work to do, but if you love every inch of your body, your partner will too. Here are a few tips to put your confidence front and center and to ensure a Valentine’s Day he won’t forget:

Greet him at the door wearing his gift– Buy him his favorite team’s jersey, a new jacket, or tie. Wear his gift, partner it with a great scent and meet him at the door when he arrives home from work.

Flirty Photos– It’s the age of selfies and it’s always fun to get a sexy photo of your partner. This Valentine’s Day step it up and hire a photographer to do a boudoir shoot. It’s amazing what the right lighting and a great camera can do. You can turn the photos into a calendar or a private photo album just for him.

Send him a personalized video card– If you are separated by distance this year, send him a sexy video message while in a bubble bath or as you prepare Valentine’s Day dinner in nothing but an apron. I promise, he will hurry home!

Put on your own personalized fashion show– Purchase a few naughty ensembles and put on a sexy fashion show for your favorite man. Complete the scene with music and candles, and you are sure to have his undivided attention.

Erotic massage– A couples massage is always a great way to bond and relax together, but when was the last time you gave your partner a massage? Help him to de-stress by reading up on tips and techniques for the perfect massage and surprise him with your skills.

Truth or dare– A good old fashioned game of truth or dare is a great way to spice up your relationship. Through his dares you will open a door to his true desires, surprise him by your willingness to accept every challenge

Theresa Roemer, Author of the soon to be released book, Naked in 30 Days

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