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You Have Got to See America's Largest Closet

If a 3,000-square-foot, $500,000, three-story closet teaches you one thing about life, it’s organisation. Hey, that massive Birkin collection isn’t going to tidy itself up, now is it? So when we heard about Houston’s Theresa Roemer — who is the proud owner of America’s largest closet, which she dubbed the “she cave” — we had to ask, “How do you do it?” And by “it” we mean, “keep your closet clean” and “convince yourself to do anything but run up and down the stairs with glee all day?”

We resisted the urge to pose that second question. But on the point of organisation, there was much to learn from Theresa, who also offers up the space for fundraisers and raffles her personal items during the charity events. Turns out, no matter how large or small the closet, the lessons are incredibly valuable.

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