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Theresa Roemer Featuring Newest Collection at Fashion Woodlands With a Little Help From Her Friends!

The Woodlands most high profile resident, Theresa Roemer, will be featuring her newest collection at the First ever, Fashion Woodlands this week. Runway show will also feature Houston’s proudest fashion talents, Chloe Dao, Jonathan Blake, Amir Taghi, Lucho and David Peck….all showing their Spring Collections in one evening!

About Theresa Roemer: Fashion Designer

Theresa Roemer and I first became acquainted at Saks, where her truffles and candle collections  are sold, while visiting at  a charity event. It was shortly thereafter,  while chatting with our town’s David Peck at his studio In the summer of 2012,  that she decided to try her hand on the big stage of fashion apparel and began developing her collection, which she now calls, True and Real by Theresa Roemer.  We have been trying to get together and chat for some time now. However, when you get two women as busy as we are trying to mesh our calendars it just took awhile but we finally did it.  It was Fashion Woodlands, an event that is happening this Thursday night that has been a passion of hers for some time that brought us finally to a meeting point to chat about her, her passion for giving  and her many, many projects, both philanthropic and in the business of fashion that she has in the works. Below is a clipping of our conversation…….getting to know Theresa!

RP:  What first brought you to the Woodlands? 

TR:  I am originally from Orange County, California. I moved to Houston in 2004, and first lived in the Galleria area. My husband and I moved to Woodlands in 2007 because we wanted to live in a safe, gated community. The Woodlands was perfect, it is so gorgeous, a great place to come home to. I loved the community so much that I spent my first couple of years just delving into the area. I was on many boards, chaired many events and learned to love the people here and wanted to do more with them and for them.

RP:   Do you think you were just on to something ahead of others or what do you think has made The Woodlands so hot right now…..everyone wants to be there, why?

TR:    First of all everyone wants to live here because it’s a beautiful place to live and come home to after a full day in the city.  The economy has been great and certainly large companies like Exxon moving in and bringing lots of new people to spend money  here doesn’t hurt!

RP:  Now about you, what made you interested in starting a fashion collection?

TR:   In the Summer of 2012 I was getting fitted at David Peck for some clothes, and I told him that I wanted to start fitness apparel line, because I’m a big fitness person. After doing research, we found out that creating a fitness line in the US is so expensive. He convinced me to start with ready-to-wear first, and later down the line work in fitness apparel.

RP:  Who is your designer inspiration? I feel after looking at the collection, it is so YOU, am I correct?!

TR:   This clothing line is so me, but I love Donna Karan. My collection is a blend of Donna Karan, Michael Kors, and Alexis. It is sophisticated, sexy, and a little California chic! I love matte jersey and how it drapes on the body….shows off the curves and hides the sins!

 RP:  Who is the True and Real customer?

TR:    It is really for everyone. My customer is from 18 to 80!  We have sizes XS (o) thru XL 14-16) and I make my skirts in different lengths. My pieces are flattering for all body types, and they are really pieces that every woman should have in her closet. I make a fair amount of timeless, classic pieces/basics always and then plus in some great fashion pieces that can take you from the office to dinner and on.

RP:  You have been selling truffles and candles at Saks, and have a clothing line. What is your next big project? and BTW, where are all of your products made?

TR:   The first fashion line I wanted to create was fitness apparel, which I now hope will be able to happen in the very near future, beginning for Fall.  I know that Athleisure wear is gaining in popularity and it is a passion of mine that will happen. Right now I am working with Hector Villareal of Lucho to create a  line of shoes for True and Real, that will most likely roll out this Fall.  Note:  my Truffles are made in Houston, my Candles in California and my Apparel collection made in Houston…..all in the U.S. A.!!!

RP:   Where can we purchase your collection, True and Real? 

TR:    You can buy online at www. true-and-real.com, and I have a showroom out in Woodlands. Jose Sanchez on South Shepherd in Houston carries my line also, and I am looking into having a showroom in Houston very soon.

About Fashion Woodlands

RP:  Now about your pet project…..how did Fashion Woodlands get started?

TR:  I am very charity driven. I was approached by the Greater Woodlands Public Art Foundation. They take care of and preserve sculptures scattered throughout the Woodlands. They asked me to help raise awareness of the cause and raise funds to take care of these beautiful art pieces. My clothing line was debuting in the Fall of 2014, so it seemed fitting to have a fashion event, which is how I came up with Fashion Woodlands. It was originally scheduled for last Fall but unfortunately, the founder/Director of that Organization passed away and we felt it inappropriate at that time. With the social and fashion calendar being what it is, could not get it rescheduled in the Fall and planned it for a Spring event….and here we are, it’s finally happening!

RP:   So tell me who will be joining you at Fashion Woodlands and which season will everyone be showing?

TR:    Well everyone is in for a treat with lots and lots of fashion…..we will open with   Chloe Dao, then some Lucho, Amir Taghi, more LuchoJonathan Blake, Theresa Roemer, even more Lucho with feature model Roger Clements. and closing with David Peck.  Everyone will be showing their Spring/Summer 2015 Collections.


Take a look at some of her great pieces from the Spring 2015 collection that will debut at Fashion Woodlands!

 Details for Fashion Woodlands

Tickets are still available, you don’t want to miss Fashion Woodlands!
Buy tickets here: http://fashionwoodlands.com
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