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America's Largest Closet

When I saw this closet, I thought I died and went to heaven! I stumbled upon this closet was because it was featured on the news this weekend. Unfortunately, this breath-taking closet was broken into this weekend, and sadly, the burglar got away with more than a million dollars worth of jewelry, designer bags, and shoes. This fabulous closet belongs to entrepreneur and former Mrs. Texas, Theresa Roemer. The 3,000 square foot, three-story closet, was filled with her massive collection of Birkins and other designer bags, a sizable collection of Louboutins and designer shoes, expensive jewelry, and other luxury accessories. This truly is the most amazing closet I have ever seen! Who would not love to have this gorgeous luxury closet, so impeccably organized, not to mention the contents of designer bags, shoes and jewelry. Roemer also has a champagne bar on the second floor. The closet was originally built and intended to host fundraising events. Roemer refers to her closet as her “female man-cave or she-cave.” Sadly, the closet no longer looks like this. The professional burglar got away with her collection of Birkins, along with a huge collection of her expensive jewelry and watches.

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