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Theresa Roemer: Welcome to the biggest wardrobe in the world!

That Hollywood stars have huge walk-in closetsis no surprise. But there is one particular, one that surpasses all others: the wardrobe of Theresa Roemer, the former Miss Texas, with a surface of 3,000 square meters over three floors namely the largest in the world!

The sum of $ 500,000 has swallowed up the construction of this magnificent work (especially for women, of course, who never have enough space in their closet anyway). Unfortunately, the charming lady will not enjoy the investment for quite some time. According to recent reports, the entire house in Texas, including the world’s largest and most expensive wardrobe, should now be sold for $ 12.9 million. And that just four months after the villa of today’s owner of a luxury gym chain was broken.

At that time, the thief stole from her wardrobe some of her most expensive accessories, handbags and jewelry worth a million dollars. Including an irreplaceable medallion with hair of her deceased son. Since that bad robbery that took place during the renovation of the house, the safety precautions on the building have been tightened. And, of course, Theresa Roemer hopes that this recent incident will not scare off potential buyers.

But how could it come to such a huge wardrobe? “It just evolved over time,” says the former Miss Texas, “years ago I had a party and all my female acquaintances said they wanted a bigger wardrobe. Since then, mine has continued to grow, it is like a cave. “

And the lady still has big plans. After all, with the sale of the house, she does not want to “bury” her big wardrobe forever. Of course, a new one must come! And of course, it should also be created in their new home and – no wonder – be much larger, of course, than the old man! Actually, twice as big, that is 6,000 square meters!

That’s at least the plan of the American entrepreneur, who represents the conviction: “You can never have a wardrobe that is too big,” she said. But first the lady has to get rid of her old huge wardrobe … (CS)

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