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This Closet Is Probably Bigger Than Your Apartment

For many of us, a 3,000 square-foot, three-story space sounds like the kind of thing our real estate dreams are made of. For one woman in Texas, however, it’s just one very important part of her home.

In a space larger than most major city apartments lies Theresa Roemer’s closet. The wonderland of shoes, clothes and accessories — or a “she-cave,” as she calls it — boasts goods from some of the biggest designers in the industry including Dior, Chanel, and Christian Louboutin. According to Roemer, the closet was a “life-long dream.”

But the extravagant room does way more than simply showcase her impressive collection. “This closet was built and intended for fundraising,” Roemer explained to Houston’s KHOU News.

In fact, since moving in just a few months ago, Roemer has already raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity by hosting fundraising events. Talk about a fashionable way to give back!

Check out the whole interview in the video above.

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