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Fashionista of the Month | Theresa Roemer

While NY Fashion Week is making headlines how can we not talk about one of the biggest fashionistas of Houston, an upcoming designer, grandmother, wife, and truly a philanthropist. The notion that age is just a number is so apt with Lights Camera Action’s Fashionista of the Month: Theresa Roemer, who is not just known as the lady with the biggest closet but also with a big heart. She is a multi-talented lady, clearly someone who is very passionate about life and a true fighter. Her passion for charity and to help others is not overshadowed by her 3,000 sq ft three-story closet with a champagne bar which she opens for her friends and charity events.

In-spite of health issues as a child, Theresa has never slowed down, from winning the Mrs. Texas title at age 40 to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in a fundraising effort for Child Legacy International, Roemer is known to never give up.

A resident of The Woodlands in Texas, Theresa at present is eagerly waiting for the launch of her Fashion Line on September 25, 2014 at the Fashion Woodlands red carpet New York style fashion show event with prominent designers like David Peck, Chloe Dao, Jonathan Blake, Amir Taghi, and Robert Graham.

Flaunting a David Peck bright yellow dress, Theresa sat down with Lights Camera Action Host, Ruchi Mukherjee for a fun tête-à-tête in her lavish closet.

How does it feel when people are mean with their comments about you having a lavish closet?

It really hurts! I am an emotional person and I work 16 hours a day just doing charity work and one of the ideas behind this big closet is to host various fundraiser events. When I was young my mother said something that has stayed with me. She said, “When you are pretty it’s tougher,” so I have learned to cope with hateful comments.

What’s Theresa’s style?

Well first let me tell you that I think a closet is a direct reflection of women. The closet it not a storage area, one must keep it nice and clean. At present I am wearing what I call the David Peck uniform. I love his form fitted solid color dresses. I have this style in many colors, I will wear it, put on a nice pair of shoes and run around doing various activities. To me Chanel shoes, Chanel purse’s are boring. I like to be daring and bold. My line is contemporary and for the fashionable woman from sizes 0-14.

It’s such an amazing closet or ‘she-cave’ with possessions from around the world. What is your favorite?

Well believe me, I remember everything I have in my closet. I adore my Birkin bags and 75 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, of course I have a special affection towards my first Louis Vuitton that I bought when I was 18 years old. I was saving up for that. I have so many of them but that one is special and I always keep it in the cloth bag. These are not just stuff these are memories and special gifts. Love my Christian Louboutins, especially the bling bling Hollywood shoes.

What suggestion would you give to the up and coming fashionistas?

Healthy lifestyle and when it comes to fashion and style pick a style and go with it. When you are young you are lost. I always feel handbags are a great accessory for women. Invest in a nice purse if you have to pick. I will be in gym clothes, hair in a ponytail and just bring a really nice bag.

People tend to only look at the outer shell. Self made millionaire, Theresa Roemer, lost her 19 year old son in a car accident, but she steered her sorrow into a very positive direction by getting very involved in the community.

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