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Theresa Roemer Wants to Get You Naked

Before she was known for her closet, she was known for her toned body—and now she’s sharing her secrets.

THERE ARE A COUPLE AREAS IN WHICH I WOULDN’T SUGGEST taking advice from Theresa Roemer—she of the three-story closet in The Woodlands. Minimalism, for one, as well as home security, although I’d bet she’s become much more knowledgeable on the latter since her famous closet was infamously burgled in 2014.

But when it comes to health and fitness, there’s no socialite in town with more cred than Roemer. She founded and ran a chain of fitness centers under the name Body by Design in Wyoming during the 1990s and served as a personal trainer during the same era. At the age of 40 she won the U.S. Open of bodybuilding and earned the titles of Mrs. Houston U.A. and Mrs. Texas U.A. in 2010, coming in as runner-up in the national competition that year.

And, even if all of the above weren’t true, it’s indisputable that at the age of 54 her body is remarkable—not just birdlike and slender like many socialites, but toned and strong.

The cover of her new book, NAKED in 30 Days: A One Month Guide to Getting Your Body, Mind and Spirit in Shape, leaves no doubt about that, as she is pictured, you guessed it, nude except for her jewelry and a strategically placed fur blanket.

The book is available today via Amazon and her publisher, Riverdale Ave Books. I haven’t seen a copy yet, but according to the promotional materials,

Naked in 30 Days is a day-by-day guide to getting yourself in shape through the insider secrets the author has learned in her decades as a fitness expert and award-winning body builder, as well as through diet and exercise and life experience. Theresa’s passion for health inspired her to write Naked in 30 Daysto empower women to feel as vibrant and healthy at 45 and beyond as they did at 25. Anyone can do anything for a period of 30 days, and if you put yourself on this plan, you will find that you change your approach to food and exercise, as well as your relationship to both.”

Whether her advice includes two flights of stairs in your closet is undetermined, but hey, it can’t hurt.

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