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Written By Jovonne Norris of Houston TREND

It’s this thing that is classic, yet unapologetic.  A thing that will never go out of style, and is effortless and timeless.  It’s clean and easy, with just the right amount of edginess.  It is all that personifies the Theresa Roemer True and Real collection. Being inspired by some of fashion’s colossal names such as Donna Karan, Alexis, and Michael Kors, Theresa has created a ready-to-wear collection that is innovatory in its simplicity. Her approach to easy chic looks for working women has translated her eclectic, yet simple, vibe into everything from the initial ready-to-wear line to that true, old Paris couture look. Let’s take a walk into the ideology of the mastermind behind the True and Real apparel line.

Theresa Roemer has propelled from fitness trainer, real estate expert, to business mogul, to CEO of Theresa Roemer LLC, and now designer of the Theresa Roemer True and Real Collection.  The Houston philanthropist and business woman has contracted with Houston fashion house, David Peck, to produce her new fashion apparel line.

Theresa recalls, “I’ve always loved David Peck and his clothes.  I first got to know about him because I bought one of his dresses and was like, ‘Who is David Peck?’ Then I found out he manufactured his clothes right here in Houston and also manufactured for many other designers.  Sure enough, when I went to hire Jonathan Blake to commission a dress for me for an event, I found out that the two had dealings and was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ At a future fitting, David was there actually doing the alterations.  That’s when I started talking to him about how I wanted to start a clothing line.  I thought I was probably going to have to get the pieces made over in China, but David was like, ‘Oh no, you should never go to China. You can do it right here in the U.S.’  ‘I’m like, well I don’t know any good factories in the U.S. He then says, ‘ME! ‘ And there it started.“

Theresa’s ultimate goal was to create a cohesive line, consisting of interchangeable basic pieces to help women dress for day to evening, with ready-to-go looks, maintaining the importance to flatter any body type.  Sticking with a basic solid pattern, then adding in a small amount of print has proved to be a winning combination for this line.

I love helping women to create an easy, effortless wardrobe along with what they already have in their closet.  That’s what matters the most to me because I love to help women.  You wouldn’t believe how many women need help getting dressed.

Theresa says.  “A great thing about my line is that it’s gonna be interchangeable.  This pair of pants is gonna go with this top, and vice versa.  And you won’t have to spend a fortune.”Roemer also spoke of her proficiency in the real estate realm as a comparison to her creativeness with her clothing.

I like to do some sketching.  I get an idea or vision of what I want something to look like.  It’s kind of like when I flip houses.  I can walk into an ugly house, and immediately visualize its beautiful and I go and make that happen.

The virtuous thing about the Theresa Roemer True and Real line, whether it’s the truffles, the candles or the apparel, is that a great portion of the proceeds from this line will go to desired charities. Theresa is very much involved in business philanthropy, and sits on board of directors for a charity called Child Legacy International. CLI saves lives by establishing healthcare facilities in rural areas, treating Africa’s most disadvantaged men, women, and children. Child Legacy International works to provide safe, stable water sources for people in Africa to improve economic opportunity for women and help families live longer and prosper.

“We drill water wells for the remote village of Malawi and I do a tremendous amount of fund raising for them.  I’ve even segwayed and morphed all of this into working directly with larger corporations.  I’ve hosted Kilian Hennessey in my home one evening, patriarch of the Hennessy cognac company.  From that night alone, sixty-thousand dollars was raised for the American Heart Association.  Another time, I did a huge fund raising event where people were not asked to pay to come.  It was a Saks Fifth Avenue fashion show, where there was a runway in the pool.  Afterwards, the attendees were treated to a six course dinner.  At the end of the night, one-hundred thousand dollars was raised!  Why put a cap on it?  There are people that will give more than what you’re asking, for a good cause and I just love doing my part to help.”

Theresa Roemer Real and True is set to debut this fall, with samples ready in August. Theresa says, “I’m hoping to have my pieces in a major fashion show at the end of September or early October, and they will be debuting along with David Peck’s and Jonathan Blake’s collections.  I partnered with Norton Ditto and the show will be very New York-ish, seating at least five-hundred people.  Every year Houston has a Fashion Houston.  Well, I will be starting one in the Woodlands.  It will be as big, if not bigger and better. “

To stay informed with details on the fashion show, visit the link below.  Details will be added weekly.  www.fashionwoodlands.com

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