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The Biggest Closet in America

Update, 12/11: Your dream of owning the largest closet in America can now officially come true: Theresa Roemer’s home (fully equipped with the now infamous three story closet) has just been listed on the market, according to Curbed. For a cool $12 million, the Houston home, and jaw-dropping closet, can be yours.

Original Post, 7/24: What would you do if you owned the biggest closet in the world? Some might simply luxuriate in all of that space, all of those bags. But one woman decided that opening up her Carrie Bradshaw dream to the world for charitable purposes was the perfect route. Theresa Roemer, the lucky lady who owns the 3,000 square foot stunner costing around $500,000 dollars and spiraling up three stories, felt that shoes weren’t all that her closet needed to be filled with. The entrepreneur and self-made millionaire chose to use her colossal wardrobe as a space for hosting charity events and helping those in need. Any company or organization is able to schedule a fundraiser with the phrase, “Join us in Theresa Roemer’s closet,” included on the RSVP’s and is even able to have some of the higher-end items rotated out as donations or raffle items for the charitable event—talk about sweetening the deal.

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