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Awesome: Houstonian Living Every Woman’s Dream

If we were to ask the ever so classic “What room, addendum, or special feature would you put in your house if you had unlimited funds?” almost any woman would set their sights on an endless closet of fashion paradise.

Theresa Roemer of Houston, TX has la crème de la crème of that fantasy, as has been recently discovered by fashion companies, charities, and now USA Today. Three stories tall, Roemer’s closet could be its own store or even its own house. In this special video, she gives viewers a quick tour of the pristine white space, which holds millions of dollars worth of couture, shoes, bags, and even a champagne bar.

The space not only serves to store (or rather showcase) her incredible fashionable possessions, but also to host charity fundraisers and receptions. We’ve heard of a house party before, but never a closet party…sign me up! While many at first glance would assume Roemer’s beyond-the-imagination collection is gluttonous, she sure spends her fair share of money and space helping out many organizations and encouraging her contemporaries to do the same.

Watch USA Today’s video with Roemer before re-drawing your own heavenly dream house!

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