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Glam socialite shows off her three-story closet that's bigger than a townhouse: It's a female man cave

There is nothing shy about glam former body builder Theresa Roemer. So when Neiman Marcus’ The Blog approached her about opening up her vast three-story closet, the former beauty queen and blonde bombshell of The Woodlands rolled out the welcome mat.

What photographer Chinh Phan and writer Laura Acosta found was nothing less than astounding. The 3,000 square foot triple-decker space resembles more a high-end emporium, say a not-so-mini Tootsies, than a closet. In fact, Roemer’s expansive vault of designer labels is larger than many townhouses.

Eighteen months ago, Roemer told CultureMap that she owned at least 75 pairs of pricey Louboutins. And there they are lined up shoe boutique style, the signature red soles shining like so many symbols of over-the-top- wealth. That wealth derived from the good earth. Roemer’s husband, Lamar, is a successful oilman.

She told The Blog, “My closet is my dressing room, but more importantly, it’s my retreat. I like to call it my ‘female man cave.’ ”

Roemer designed the closet to fit her dressing routine. The top floor houses furs and hats. The second floor is as much activity center as storage space. In addition to her shoes, clothes and vanity (professional salon style for hair styling and makeup application), there is a champagne bar for high style partying amid the cache of designer labels. The first floor is home to her jewelry and handbags, some 60 trophies from Hermes.

If you think this space is all about personal vanity, think again. Roemer, involved in a number of Montgomery County charities as well as several in Houston, holds fundraisers there, and she says that she created this uber closet exactly for that — raising money for non-profits.

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