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Giant Woodlands closet reopens for charity event

A half-million dollar closet burglarized during the summer after several high-profile media appearances has reopened for charity events.

The three story mammoth clothes-fest belonging to Theresa Roemer of The Woodlands was featured in media around the world earlier this year, touted as the largest closet in America.

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That publicity of the designer bags, jewelry, furs and more housed in the closet was widely cited as the cause of the break in August 18, which followed shortly after an apearance on “Good Morning America.”

“The police said he probably sat out there every night for a week in the dark just watching,” Roemer told KTRK.

Almost three months later, Roemer has held her first event in the closet which she always maintained was built as a venue for charity fundraising.

The invitation-only viewing of the closet was in aid of MoRE Camp Adventure, according to a news release about the event. The organization runs camps for children with cancer and their siblings.

Police have still not made any arrests in the burglary but Roemer said that was not going to stop her carrying on with her plans.

“I’m a woman of my word, and I told everyone this closet was built for fundraising and that’s what it’s intended for. Why would I let someone who wasn’t invited to my home ruin that?” She told KTRK.

Surveillance video showed the burglar spending several minutes ransacking the closet. Later, in a bizarre twist, items were sent to the Houston Press with the would-be suspect claiming much of what was taken was fake.

“Why did he call me? Because the burglary’s viral. He’s screwed. He can’t unload my stuff. So he’s like, ‘Wow, I’ll extort her then. I’ll get money for this stuff,'” Roemer continued.

According to reports, no insurance claim has been filed over the burglary despite claims by the Roemer that over a million dollars worth of designer goods was stolen.

The Houston entreprenuer, who is just launching a new clothing line, has hit back at suggestions the burglary was an inside job.

“Really? I would have an inside job done so I can go through all this pain and misery? I don’t think so,” Roemer told KTRK.

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