Mystery Box

Mystery Box

Inside the mystery box you are guaranteed a stash pillow. Besides the stash pillow the mystery is what else you will receive. It can be money, or a gift card, or skincare, or a signed autograph naked in 30 days book. Wouldn’t it be fun to open your pillow and find $500? $250? $100? $20? Or a gift card with various different  amounts? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to win big!!! Get your mystery box now while supplies last! Mystery Boxes will be full filled within 2 weeks.


This unique pillow is designed to discreetly store your love potions, toys, or other private items you want to keep hidden. The hidden zipper in back keeps the plastic-lined storage pocket out of view. The pillow cover can easily be monogrammed. Insert can be removed.

100% cotton cover. Machine washable. Patent pending


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