Theresa Roemer Presents

Experience the enchanting world of Houston style icons, a captivating realm that reveres and exalts the allure and fashion­forward sensibilities of the chic and sophisticated residents of Houston.

Join us as we commemorate the captivating beauty and unparalleled style that emanates from the fashionable individuals who call this vibrant city their home.



Participants must either be residents of Houston or have a significant affiliation with the city. Contestants can nominate themselves or someone else.

Submission Requirements

Contestants are required to submit a photo (of themselves or the nominated person) highlighting their outfit or personal style (JPG or PNG formats) using the form below.  Nomination submissions end on October 13.


Entries must reflect the contestant’s unique personal style and should not be based on copied or borrowed looks. Participants are encouraged to express their creativity and originality in their fashion choices.

Evaluation Criteria

The judging process will take into consideration various factors such as overall style, creativity, uniqueness, coordination, and confidence displayed by the contestants.

Panel of Judges

The panel of judges will comprise fashion experts, local influencers, Houston Socialites renowned for their fashion expertise.

Fair Play

Strict guidelines will be implemented to ensure fairness and prevent any form of cheating. Contestants are prohibited from employing fraudulent methods to acquire votes or influence the results. The decision of the judges will be final. Online voting is based on 50% of the judges overall score.

Public Voting

To involve the public in the selection process, we have incorporated a voting component. Public voting will take place online October 16 – 23. Participants can vote for their entry. Online voting will take place on Instagram @houstonstyleicons.


2 winners will be announce on October 27.

Each winner will win $250 cash, Style Icon award , walk the Fashion Woodlands runway during the show and meet Theresa Roemer with photos and tour in her coveted stunning closet.

*Terms and Conditions: Fashion Woodlands, Theresa Roemer LLC. and Houston Style Icons may include rights to use submitted content, criteria for disqualification, and liabilities.*

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